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By Sonia Peralta

This is not an ordinary, common week, it is indeed a very special one! Tomorrow, one of our favourite artists of all time, Florence + The Machine, is performing at Palau Sant Jordi, and there are still tickets available! At The Art of Language, we believe in true authentic art, and this band perfectly illustrates the kind of things we love and feel inspired by.

The band has published only 3 albums so far, but they have already accomplished a solid career in the indie music scene, and their name has appeared as headline acts of the major music festivals around the world. Florence Welsch, the lead singer of the project, started her debut album Lungs in 2009, which became one of the most sold albums of 2009 and 2010. In 2010, the Brit Awards shot the band to stardom when awarding them the prize of best British Album of the Year.

For us, Florence and her music are a combination of fantasy and emotions, resulting in powerful and moving songs about relationships and love matters. This might sound a bit stereotypical, but her talent and imagination create a unique and special world with reference to mythology, literature and art. Florence likes to play with words, and writes lyrics full of mistery and misery: obscure and delicate, like an Allan Poe’s piece of writing. In an interview, she told us that, as a child, she used to sing at weddings and funerals. Maybe the morbidity of her lyrics had germinated in those early years or maybe it’s just her way of creating metaphors, but it is clear that the mezzosoprano has a uncommon sensitivity to understand the world around her.

We cannot wait to see Florence + The Machine at Palau Sant Jordi tomorrow and if you haven´t listened to their music yet, please do so now! Below, we share with you our favourite song, the strong and optimistic ¨Dog Days Are Over¨, which we believe is the perfect hymn for the Friday! We especially love the chorus which is repeated like a mantra promising us many happy times to come! We included the lyric video, so that you can sing along. :)